About me

I am wasim wasim ahmad kumar founder of this blog.

The thing I dislike most is talking about myself, but here, I’m obliged to do so. I fell in love with computers when I was 9 years old, and by the age of 9, I tried my best to learn everything about computers.

Computers are my life. I learned Adobe photo shop, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Excel, MS word and many other online computer courses

. Some non-computer-related info about me: I am interested in psychology and philosophy – I have studied both. I also speak three languages: English, Urdu & hindi .I hope my website will prove useful to you and that you learn a lot from this mycryptocart.xyz website. Any questions are welcome, contact me, and I will gladly help.

Qualifications and education

  • Bsc IT student
  • BCA course completed with 90% marks.
  • Digital Marketing & Online Business courses.

Note: Some of the posts were written by me on https://wa-educate.blogspot.com but i deleted that blog and import those posts here in this blog.

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