RichAds Optimizer is AWESOME (100%+ ROI on whitelist)
RichAds Optimizer is AWESOME (100%+ ROI on whitelist)

A couple of week in the past, I printed a information on easy methods to setup a Goal CPA marketing campaign on RichAds for push visitors:

I’ve adopted up my Goal CPA campaigns with optimized whitelist CPC campaigns and it is working fairly properly so I believed I’d share some data on it.

RichAds Optimizer is AWESOME (100%+ ROI on whitelist)

As you’ll be able to see, it bought off to a gradual begin however has heated up properly. It is a whitelist marketing campaign that began with simply 33 excessive performing Writer IDs that I’ve now decreased to 30 and doubtlessly will proceed to optimize.

BUT, this thread particularly is about how I’m utilizing the RichAds Optimizer software to do it :D


The RichAds Optimizer is fairly cool and it makes it very straightforward to optimize based mostly on:

  • Subscriber Checklist
  • Writer ID
  • Website
  • Gadget
  • OS
  • Artistic

The Optimizer additionally makes it very straightforward to create Micro Bids. So, not solely are you able to pause segments of your visitors that aren’t performing properly, however you’ll be able to handle your bids to attempt to get as a lot of the nice performing visitors as doable.

The way in which they do the micro bidding is fascinating.


Right here is an effective instance.

1. The win fee on this specific


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3 thoughts on “RichAds Optimizer is AWESOME (100%+ ROI on whitelist)”
  1. Love it
    The Goal CPA marketing campaign on RichAds was successful and produced a gradual increase in website traffic. The Optimizer was used to create Micro Bids which helped to increase the success rate.

  2. Some points to keep in mind:
    -You will want to make sure that your win fee is high enough to cover the costs of your RichAds campaigns
    -Make sure that your website is of high quality and that your ads are effective
    -Make sure that your ads are placed on the most effective and popular websites
    -Be sure to optimize your ads for SEO
    -Make sure that your RichAds campaigns are well-funded and that you are able to afford to stop selling ads

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