Affiliate Marketing In India

Are you looking for monetization of your blog or website for earning online?
Partnership with the companies using affiliate marketing is one of the best option today. So, how  to start affiliate marketing in India and from where? Today we will explore the best affiliate programmes in India.
Affiliate marketing in India

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

For beginners, I will tell you that Affiliate Marketing is Simply choosing a product from any company and sharing it just like we do refer & earn. When anyone buys the product company will give you commission. You can check full article How To Start Affiliate Marketing? 

Best Affiliate Programs In India:

Amazon Associates:

 It is the best Affiliate program for beginners. But you must have to get some sales to get a higher commission. This program has a flat rate commission structure.

  • Signing amount: None.
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours maximum.
  • Minimum Payment Threshold: Rs 2500
Amazon Associates Affiliate Program in India

Why should you choose Amazon Associates?

  • No Application Fee/ charge
  • Pays commission of anything new that you don’t link to (if they do not purchase the exact product you linked to)
  • Wide Range of Products of any niche

Flipkart Affiliate:

It is the largest and best affiliate program in India. This affiliate program provide insight into performance of your referral links with realtime reports. This affiliate program is free with api, banner and widgets for displaying products on sites and apps.

Signing amount: None

Cookie Duration: 24 hours maximum.

Minimum payment threshold: Rs 25000

FlipKart Affiliate Program in India

Why should you choose Flipkart Affiliate?

Offers choice from all the products of available on the website.

Average commission rates: 6-20%

Reseller Club:

This Affiliate Program is best for those who are looking for quick passive income in India.  You can easily make Rs 2000/ referral. It  is easy to use and one of the top paying affiliate programs.

Signing amount: None

Cookie Duration: Based on last click and 60 days validity.

Minimum payout threshold: Rs 50/=

Reseller Club Affiliate Program in India

Why should you choose Reseller Club?

Offers multiple choice payment options like PayPal and bank transfer.

Minimum payout threshold is Rs 50/=


Cuelinks Affiliate Program in India

It is the best affiliate marketing program for WordPress users as it offers a free WordPress plugin to simplify affiliate marketing. This plugin  uses JavaScript for the automatic insertion of affiliate links to the relevant keyword in your content.

Signing amount: None

Cookie duration: 7 days

Minimum payout: Rs 500/=

Why should you choose Cuelinks? 

Best for aggregate reporting

Indepth audience insights 

Access to lifetime link management tools


BankSathi Affiliate Program in India

BankSathi is Best Affiliate program in India for mobile phone users. This is basically an app which offers you to open the bank accounts of others and get commission.
Signing amount: None
Minimum Payout: Rs 10.

Why should you choose BankSathi? 

  • Minimum payout threshold is Rs. 10
  • Instant and fast payment.
  • Easy to use

Now you are familiar with some of the best affiliate programs in India that you can join today. Now think about what your blog visitors are interested in and choose a product related to your niche.

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